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Seaweed Postcards

Updated: May 2, 2022

At the suggestion of fellow photographer Catherine Banks, I have set up a seaweed postcard exchange on Instagram.

The idea is that I will build up a bank of different seaweeds from all over the world. I will put up a map here of where those cards come from. The letters refer to the postcards labeled here and are in the date order that they were sent:

Because of difficulties in accessibility and postage costs, some of those will have to be virtual but they will all be here on this site.

I am collecting participants and have 3 to date: Cornwall, South Africa and Ireland! Hurray! The first card I have sent off is to Oli from Cornwall:

Here is Oli's response:(Postcard A)

Karen' S's card from South Africa: (Postcard B)

Nuala's card from Ireland:(Postcard C)

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